ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) - Maxillo/Cervicofacial Surgery - Stomatology - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) - Maxillo/Cervicofacial Surgery - Stomatology - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Bruno GUELFUCCI

 Medical Staff

  • Dr GUELFUCCI Bruno
  • Head of Department
    Internal structure manager
  • Dr ALLACH Abdellah
  • Stomatology
  • Dr DIATTA-TRICON Oulimata
  • Dental Surgery
  • Dr COLLET Charles
  • Maxillofacial Surgery; Stomatology
  • Dr CHABAUD Michel
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Dr BIZEAU Alain
  • ENT
  • Dr CURTO-FAIS Claire-Lise
  • ENT
  • Dr DE SMET Guilaine
  • ENT
  • Dr BARUT Jonathan
  • ENT


ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) - Cervicofacial Surgery - Maxillofacial Surgery - Stomatology - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery– Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care

Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care 

-Sainte Musse: 04 94 14 54 70

-La Seyne-sur-Mer (ENT consultations only): 04 94 11 30 21

-Clemenceau La Garde (dental consultations only): 04 94 08 86 40

  • Stomatology consultations:

Hôpital Sainte-Musse: 04 94 14 57 78


This important consultation activity allows a close collaboration with the city and the different departments of the hospital. The entire medical team participates in the consultations.

  • Different sectors have been developed:

- Maxillo/Cervicofacial oncology

- Endoscopy (exploration of the larynx and the ear)

- Sialendoscopy (exploration of the salivary glands)

- Exploration of children and adults vertigo and deafness 

- Newborn deafness screening, phoniatric follow-up

- Exploration of voice pathologies (singers, teachers, exposed professions)

- Plastic and reconstructive surgery consultation 

  • The Drs Bruno GUELFUCCI, Alain BIZEAU and Guilaine DE SMET are authorised to conduct private sector consultations, contact their reception desks.


  • 18 beds in full hospitalisation (4 twin rooms and 10 single rooms) on the 1st floor of the MCO 
  • Visiting hours: From12pm to 8:30pm

Medical and surgical activity

The service receives and treats various pathologies:

  • Management of severe cervico-facial pathology, particularly Cancer of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract
  • Development of a technical platform adapted to new reconstruction processes (microanastomosed free flaps) in collaboration with a plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial surgeon
  • Cervical tumour pathologies: thyroid pathologies, parotid tumours, cervico-facial congenital cysts and fistulas
  • Tumour pathology: larynx and pharynx cancer, neck cyst, lymphadenopathy
  • Salivary glands pathology (parotid and submaxilliary gland tumours) sialendoscopy
  • Infectious pathology: otitis (malignant), sinusitis, phlegmons, facial cellulitis
  • Traumatic pathology: facial fracture
  • Thyroid pathology
  • Sinus pathology (endonasal micro-surgery)
  • Ear surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery for medical purpose only (nose - ear - face)
  • Medical pathology: deafness, vertigo, voice disorders, facial paralysis, diving accident
  • Sleep pathology (snoring).

Modern equipment in the operating theatre (laser, microsurgery, endoscopic surgery, robot, etc.) allow these patients to be operated in good conditions after their preoperative check-up (endoscopic, radiological, TC, MRI, scintigraphy). 

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