G01 G02 G03 Intersectoral Unit of Closed Wards Psychiatric Care


G01 G02 G03 Intersectoral Unit of Closed Wards Psychiatric Care

Hôpital Sainte Musse

Lead Consultant: Dr Daniel RAUCOULES





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Intersectoral Unit of Hospitalisation on Closed Wards

Its purpose is to receive patients who require a measure of deprivation of liberty in the context of their management in order to be able to ensure their care. These are patients in the acute phase of their illness, most often presenting behavioural disorders secondary to an active psychiatric illness, and for whom hospitalisation on open wards would present high risk behaviour (self-harm or harm to others, risk of absconding...). This unit receives patients who are on psychiatric care, or would be (first episode), by Psychiatry sectors G01, G02 and G03 of the Toulon areas. This unit is composed of 15 beds. 

How the unit operates:

The care provided in the unit is based on the administration of appropriate medication, team work consisting of individual input from (medical, psychological and nursing staff) and participation, depending on the clinical condition of the patient, in group therapies.

Apart from the individualised daily care provided by the medical and paramedical staff, the coordination of the team is ensured by a daily meeting, in the morning, and, by a weekly multidisciplinary ward round.

This unit works in close collaboration with the teams of Psychiatry sectors G01, G02 and G03 who will take over the care of the patient as soon as he/she leaves the unit.

A social follow-up file is set up, when necessary, as soon as the patient arrives in the unit and is then taken care of by the relevant social workers of the sectors concerned.

Our unit also works in collaboration with the Psychiatric Emergencies/Cap 48 unit, in particular when a patient is admitted to the structure without consent.

Paramedical team:

The particular types of patients in the unit requires the presence of a reinforced paramedical team in order to prevent high risk behaviour. It is made up of caregivers specifically trained in the management of this type of patient, under the responsibility of the Nurse Manager, Mrs. Laurence LE RAY.

A Psychologist attached to the unit, Mrs. Nathalie JACQUOT, ensures psychological assessments, individual consultations as well as the management of therapeutic groups.

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