Hôpital Sainte Musse

Hôpital Sainte Musse

In Toulon, Sainte Musse Hospital represents a facility pivot for the whole health territory serving 500,000 inhabitants of the large city of Toulon.

It is the site of the establishment of a considerable technical support, with specialties such as resuscitation, neonatology, the SAMU 83 and the emergency department, develop numerous activities in medical special and surgical specialties, as well as psychiatric activities.

Referent hospital for the large city of Toulon

Innovation and progress

The building of the Hôpital Sainte Musse was the opportunity to acquire and deploy better technologies as regard health. Amongst the new equipment installed, it consists of two top of the range CT scans with reduction of the X-rays dose, one PET Scan and two brand new gamma cameras in nuclear medicine, one robot (automaton) of pre-analytic, automated technical platform and two mass spectrometer at the lab, sterilisation cleaning cubicle, surgical navigation system, life-support system with “automatic” ventilation mode, new generation dialysis generators, new equipment of ten operating theatre, etc.


  • 336 million euros invested with 50 million in new biomedical, hotel and IT equipment
  • 4 years of construction works
  • 6 hectares of site
  • 691 beds and 69 places in day care hospital
  • 80% of individual rooms

The activity of the site leans on:

  • 10 clinical units :

o Cardio Vascular,

o Medicine and specialities,

o Medico-surgical with oncologic orientation,

o Woman-child,

o Emergency medicine, Anaesthetic – Resuscitation – Brain-damaged patients unit – Hospital coordination,

o Surgery,

o Geriatrics,

o Adult psychiatry,

o Infant and child psychiatry,

  • 3 medico-technical units :

o Pharmacy / sterilisation

o Medical imaging

o Laboratory – Hospital hygiene

  • 3 technical platforms of Consultations, Explorations and Care
  • 3 administrative units :

o General management unit,

o Human resources unit,

o Support resources unit,

  • Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis centre
  • L’Établissement Français du Sang (EFS). (French blood agency)

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