Internal and Vascular Medicine




Lead Consulant: Dr Antoine ELIAS


Medical Staff

    • Dr AUBERT Isabelle
    • Internal medicine
    • Dr ELIAS Antoine
    • Lead Consultant
    • Dr ELIAS Marie
    • Vascular medicine
    • Dr HOCQ Fabien
    • Dr POGGI Jean-Noël
    • Vascular medicine
    • Dr GIAUFFRET Frederic
    • Internal medicine, Vascular medicine
    • Dr CORNAND Dimitri
    • Vascular medicine – Assistant


    Internal and vascular medicine – Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care

    Sainte Musse : 04 94 14 57 61

    Vascular medicine consultations, healing centre, therapeutic education:

    • Dr Antoine ELIAS

    • Dr Marie ELIAS

    • Dr Jean-Noël POGGI

    Internal medicine consultations:

    • Dr Isabelle AUBERT

    Vascular explorations

    • Doppler ultrasound:

    *arteries and veins of upper and lower limbs,

    *supra aortic body,

    *intracerebral arteries,

    *digestives arteries,

    *renal arteries,

    *abdominal and pelvic veins

    • Intima-media thickness artery wall,

    • Distal pressure,

    • Treadmill tests,

    • Transcutaneous oxygen pressure,

    • Plethysmography, Doppler laser, capillaroscopy,

    • HITS Transcranial Doppler

    • Ionophoresis


    Sectors of explorations

    • Non-invasive vascular consultations and explorations unit

    • Vascular emergency 24 hours on call

    Sectors of hospitalisations

    • Conventional hospitalisation: 19 beds

    Visitors are allowed in the department between noon and 8pm


    The vascular medicine service provides practitioners and public up-to-date

    methods of investigation and treatment in the vascular field,

    qualified personnel, and the most performing mechanical systems.

    Physicians have the possibility to directly admit their patients in the hospitalisation sector.


    Diseases concerned:

    • Venous and arterial thromboembolic disease (venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism)

    • Atheromatous and non-atheromatous arteriopathy

    • Peripheral vascular disease, vascular ulcers, lymphoedema, vascular malformation

    • Systemic disease and immunopathology

    • Cardiovascular prevention


    Training activities

    Literature reviews and cardiovascular medicine post-graduate study meeting:

    • Coordinator: Dr Antoine ÉLIAS (Vascular medicine)

    • Day: Thursday

    • Time: 5:30pm to 7pm

    • Location: salle de réunion du Pôle Cardio-Vasculaire /

    meeting room of the cardiovascular unit


    Cardiovascular medico-surgical meeting:

    • Coordinator: Dr Jean-Michel TARTIERE (cardiology)

    • Day: Wednesday

    • Time: 1pm to 2:30pm

    • Location: salle de réunion du Pôle Cardio-Vasculaire /

    meeting room of the cardiovascular unit

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