Medical Genetics


Medical Genetics

Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Eric JULLIAN

 Medical Staff

    • Dr COLLIGNON Patrick
    • Dr DUPUY Olivier
    • Dr FRANCES Anne-Marie




    Medical Genetrics  – Consultations, explorations, or care

    Sainte Musse/ La Seyne sur Mer: 04 94 14 59 55



    Medical genetics is a mixed specialty: clinical and biological, related to various activities: paediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics, prenatal maternity diagnosis, maternity, assisted reproduction. Genetic counselling is the resultat of a complex diagnostic process in which the voice of biological tests is determined by the clinical approach.

    The medical genetics department has 4 functional units:

    • Genetic counselling consultations,
    • Oncogenetic consultations in partnership with the Onco-Haematology Department
    • Pre and postnatal constitutional cytogenetics laboratory
    • And foetopathology unit, in partnership with the Department of Anatomy and Pathological Cytology.

    Centre de Compétence on development defetcts (Dr Patrick COLLIGNON and Anne-Marie FRANCES) :

    This structure, accredited by the Agence de la Biomédecine, allows children and adults with developmental and genetic disabilities to be consulted. Medical geneticists offer families medical follow-up and education and rehabilitative care, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of CHITS practitioners and in partnership with heal and medicosocial structures in the health area. A dental consultation dedicated to people with motor and intellectual disabilities must be created with the ENT and stomatology department of the CHITS. Agreements are established with the patient care networks (Réseau Handimôme, Réseaud Handident).



    Genetic counselling consultations:

    More than 1,300 outpatient visits are performed annually by pratictioners and by the generic counsellor of the department.

    • Hôpital Sainte Musse
      • Monday morning
      • Tuesday morning (oncogenetrics)
      • Thursday morning and afternoon
      • Friday morning
    • Hôpital de La Seyne-sur-Mer
      • Monday morning
    • Centre Hospitalier d’Hyères
      • Tuesday morning

    Oncogenetic consultations (Dr Xavier TCHIKNAVORIAN):

    In partnership with the Onco-Haematology Department of the Hôpital Font-Pré and as a part of a network with the Institut Paoli-Calmettes in Marseille, an oncogenetic consultation is being conducted at the Hôpital Font-Pré by Dr XAVIER TCHIKNAVORIAN in order to determine genetic predispositions to common cancer illness. The consultants are received at the initiative of the attending general pratictioner or specialist who judges the legitimacy of a genetic expertise. 

    Pre and postnatal constitutional cytogenetics laboratory (Dr O. DUPUY) :

    More than 600 chromosome analysis are performed each year on circulating blood lymphocytes or on foetal cells collected by amniocentesis, using various standard or high-resolution marking techniques; Molecular cytogenetic techniques are provided for dossiers that require the use of this type of complementary analysis. 

    Foetopathology unit (Dr Catherine JARNET) :

    Approximately 80 foetal, macroscopic and histological analysis are carried out each year at the request of maternity and gynaecology-obstetrics departments throughout the area, following spontaneous foetal deaths or medical interruptions of pregnancy for serious abdnormalities.

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