Hôpital Sainte Musse

Lead Consultant: Dr Jacques BRUNET

 Medical Staff

  • Dr VERLOMME Valérie
  • Lead consultant - gynaecology-obstetrics
  • Dr BASCHET Naïs
  • Paediatric cardiology
  • Dr BENHAYOUN Leïla
  • Paediatric nephrology
  • Dr BERNAUD Yves
  • Paediatric psychiatry
  • Dr BRUNET Jacques
  • Lead Consultant - Premature infants follow-up
  • Dr BURLE Christian
  • Internal structure manager - HIV follow-up; Premature infants follow-up
  • Dr LEYMARIE Christelle
  • Premature infants follow-up
  • Premature infants follow-up
  • Dr TRUC Philippe
  • Head of Department -  Premature infants follow-up


Neonatology – Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care

Sainte Musse: 04 94 14 51 65

Location: Outpatient visits, 2nd floor C lift (blue)

Children followed by paediatricians of the neonatology department are former premature infants as well as children at risk with developmental disorders.

Some paediatricians are also specialised in certain types of follow-up:

  • Dr Leïla BENHAYOUN
  • Paediatric nephrology
  • Dr Christian BURLE
  • HIV Infection
  • Dr Naïs BASCHET
  • Paediatric cardiology


  • The department receives more than 850 newborns per year.
  • It is composed of 24 neonatal beds: 6 neonatal intensive care beds, 12 neonatal medicine beds and 6 "kangaroo" beds (which are evolutive beds) in the maternity ward.
  • It benefits from the proximity of the technical platform of Sainte Musse (imaging, electrophysiology)
  • In order to encourage the presence of parents, accommodation will be offered. 

Healthcare Team

Lead Consultant:

  • Dr Jacques BRUNET

Head of Department:

  • Dr Philippe TRUC

Hospital practitioners:

  • Dr Naïs BASCHET
  • Dr Leila BENHAYOUN
  • Dr Jacques BRUNET
  • Dr Christian BURLE
  • Dr Christelle LEYMARIE

Maternity attached practitioners:

  • Dr Thierry LEJEUNE
  • Dr Christian PERRIN


Senior nurse manager

  • Mrs. Annie VERMEUIL: 04 94 14 53 33

Nurse manager

  • Mrs. Françoise DE MENEZES SANJUR: 04 94 14 53 26

Other participants

Paedopsychiatry team:

  • Dr Yves BERNAUD, Paedopsychiatrist
  • Mrs.Catherine CHAMPAGNE , Psychologist

Social worker:

  • Mrs. Anne-Cécile FUGIER:  04 94 14 58 78

Speech therapists:

  • Mrs. Catherine LESAGE
  • Mrs. Fanny BLAIN
  • Mrs. Sophie MORENO RUIZ


  • Mrs. Dominique ROS
  • Mrs. Marion BELLANGER KAPP


  • Mrs. Claudine DUBOIS

Medical Activity

  • According to the classification in 3 levels of care provided by the Perinatal Plan, the department is type II B, i.e: neonatology with neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Presence of a paediatrician on site 24 hours a day.

The department also ensures:

  • Paediatricians supervise newborn care in the maternity ward and provide care for newborns in the "kangaroo mother" unit.
  • The follow-up of premature infants within the scope of the "réseau régional périnatal Méditerranée" (Mediterranean regional perinatal network)
  • Neonatal SMUR medical coverage.

Department Project

It is based on the philosophy of supportive care for children's development.



Therefore, the care is centred on the rhythms and needs of the child, it is to provide support during care, adapt the environment to promote the comfort and the well-being of the child. Parents are called upon early by the team to take care of their baby during the hight point of the day (changing, bathing, skin to skin, etc.)


We organise regular meetings between several parents and a nursery nurse to discuss topics such as the return home, the notions of nursery, babywearing (carrying the baby in a sling), etc.


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