Nephrology - Haemodialysis - Peritoneal Dialysis


Nephrology - Haemodialysis - Peritoneal Dialysis

Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Véronique DI COSTANZO

 Medical Staff

  • Dr KNEFATI Yannick
  • Lead Consultant - Nephrology - Haemodialysis
  • Dr BOUKELMOUNE Makhlouf
  • Dr FAURE Magali
  • Day care hospital manager
  • Dr MONDAIN Jean-René
  • Head of the Functional Department; Nephrology
  • Dr PRUNESCU Ionut
  • Dr TEICHLER Gunnar


Nephrology - Haemodialysis - Peritoneal Dialysis – Consultations

  • Dr Makhlouf BOUKELMOUNE
  • Thursday morning La Seyne sur Mer; Thursday afternoon Sainte Musse
  • Dr Magali FAURE
  • Monday morning La Seyne sur Mer; Thursday afternoon Sainte Musse
  • Dr Ionut PRUNESCU
  • Wednesday morning Sainte Musse
  • Dr Jean-René MONDAIN
  • Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon 
  • Dr Yannick KNEFATI
  • Wednesday afternnon and friday morning 
  • Dr Gunnar TEICHLER
  • Tuesday afternoon La Seyne sur Mer
  • Appointment booking: 04 94 14 57 62 -
  • Location: Consultations PTCES 2nd floor, Hôpital Sainte Musse.
  • Appointment booking: 04 94 11 30 20
  • Location: Centre Hospitalier La Seyne sur Mer, ground floor


The nephrology department is composed of 15 inpatient beds and 2 day care hospital beds.


Medical Activity

Management of chronic kidney failure, dialysed or not, check-up and treatment of nephropathies whatever their origins, management of acute renal failure, hypertension, renal lithiasis, urinary tract infection, hydro-electrolytic disorders such as hyponatremia, hyper or hypokalemia, hypercalcemia, check-up and preparation of patients awating renal transplantation and follow-up of transplant patients.


The peritoneal dialysis unit is made of premises reserved for ambulatory activy and a team of nurses under the authority of a referring nephrologist. All peritoneal dialysis modalities (ambulatory, nocturnal, with or without home paramedical assistance) are represented, with the equipment of the various supplier laboratories. It allows the management of holiday-maker patients in the region, in the event of complication of their peritoneal dialysis.

Day care hospital also includes exploration and treatment of various nephrological illnesses, such as renal lithiasis, treatment of glomerulonephritis, exploration of dialysis patients awaiting renal transplantation, etiological explorations of hypertension etc.


Patient therapeutic education

The department offers a therapeutic education programme for patient with stage 2 to 4 chronic kidney failure in outpatient.

If you would like to understand, testify, share and become involved in your state of health, you can contact us from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at 04 94 14 58 17 (you can leave a message on the voice mail at any time case of absence).

Unité de dialyse médicalisée (UDM) - Medical Dialysis Unit

New structure made available to patients since October 2016.

Medical Staff

Scheduled meeting: 
(Open to private phractitioners)

  • Day: Every Tuesday
  • Time: From 10am to 12:30pm
  • Location: In the department
  • 04 94 14 52 62

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