Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI

 Medical Staff

  • Head of Department
  • Dr DERSKEN Hannah
  • Inpatient Unit Assistant
  • Dr GUILLET Pierre
  • Oncology
  • Dr CHOUFI Bachra
  • Haematology
  • Dr MOLLARD Lise-Marie
  • Haematology
  • Dr SOHN Claudine
  • Haematology


Onco-haematology – Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care


  • Sainte Musse:
  • 04 94 14 57 74
  • La Seyne sur Mer:
  • 04 94 11 30 20

    The Oncology and Haematology Approved Health Care Pathway -  Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Toulon-La Seyne-sur-Mer


    A video was recently produced for the Oncology-Haematology approved health care pathway at the CHITS.

    The film "Connaître et Reconnaître" written by Chantal Larouette and directed by the production company SPECIFIC is part of a collection intended for patients suffering from a disease with a destabilising diagnosis.

    Its goal is to allow an initiatory course within our establishement which will take charge of it. The patient, thanks to the image, will know all those he/she must meet during his treatments and recognise all the places where his/her treatment will lead him/her.


    This informative approach is that of good management of the patient for the improvement of his/her quality of life.

    This project, initiated by the Medico-Surgical with Oncological orientation Unit, was led by Dr Claudine SOHN with the contribution of numerous staff of the facility.

    Consult the other units linked to Oncology-Haematology : 3C West Var, Pulmonology 

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