Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI

 Medical Staff

  • Dr MILHE François
  • Dr FOURNIER Clotilde
  • Dr RASPOPA Adriana
  • Dr MERRIEN Julien
  • Dr MATHIEU Lorin
  • Functional Exploration
  • Dr LARROUSSE Mathieu
  • Tobaccology
  • Dr ESCARGUEL Bruno
  • Interventional Endoscopoy
  • Dr D'AMORE Daniel
  • Allergology
  • Pneumo Oncology
  • Dr ANDREOTTI Dominique
  • Lead Consultant; Head of Department


Pulmonology  – Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care

  • Sainte Musse: 
    04 94 14 57 77
    • Pulmonology
    • Respiratory and medication allergology (Rhinite-Asthma)
    • Thoracic oncology
    • Ventilation consultations
    • Consultations for sleep-related illnesses
    • Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI
    • Dr Clarisse AUDIGIER-VALETTE
    • Dr Bruno BELLON-SERRE
    • Dr Clotilde FOURNIER
    • Dr Daniel D’AMORE
    • Dr Bruno ESCARGUEL
    • Dr Mathieu LARROUSSE
    • Dr julien MERRIEN
    • Dr Adriana RASPOPA
    • Dr François MILHE

Appointment booking: (for all consultations)

  • 04 94 14 57 77
    Location: 3rd floor, blue lifts 

Appointment booking: (Sleep consultations)

  • 04 94 14 57 59
    Location: 2nd floor

Appointment booking: (Functional respiratory tests)

  • 04 94 14 52 16
    Location: 3rd floor, blue lifts

Day care hospital and Ambulatory medicine unit appointment booking:

  • 04 94 14 55 22
    Location: 3rd floor, pink lifts, straight on

Endoscopy and pleural punctures appointment booking:

  • 04 94 14 50 47
    Location: 3rd floor, blues lifts, right on when leaving, then right again

Tobaccology and therapeutic education consultations:

  • Sainte Musse
    04 94 14 50 67

Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care:

  • La Seyne-Sur- Mer : 
    04 94 11 31 55
  • Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI, Wednesday morning
  • Dr Julien MERRIEN, Friday all day
    Consultations, function explorations, gasometries, endoscopies, pleural punctures. Location: Function Explorations Centre (2nd floor) at the Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer


  • 25 pulmonology inpatient hospital beds under the responsibility of pulmonologists (red lifts 3rd floor)
  • 5 ENT one-week hospital beds under the responsibility of ENT and Stomato physicians (red lifts 3rd floor)
  • 3 part-time hospital beds (common day care hospital: pulmonology, allergo-immunology, gastroenterology)
  • Pulmonological explorations laboratory:
    Interventional and autofluorescence endoscopy unit, endoscopy ultrasounds
    Respiratory functional tests unit
    Outpatient visit and anti-tobacco consultations
    Sleep exploration consultations
    Non-invasive ventilation follow-up consultations
    Consultations at the Dispensaire Antituberculeux, avenue Lazare Carnot

Medical Activity

It is a general pulmonology unit that provides all the diagnostic and therapeutic means specific to this specialty: 

  • In collaboration with the thoracic surgery department
  • In collaboration with the oncology department
  • In collaboration with the palliative care unit
  • Multidisciplinary consultation meetings in thoracic oncology
  • In collaboration with emergencies, intensive care and other specialties
  • Consultations on the site of George Sand,
  • Consultations and explorations at the Hôpital de Brignoles
  • Consultations at the DISS, Dispensaire antituberculeux, maison d’arrêt La Farlède

Main illnesses:

  • Thoracic oncology and early diagnosis of bronchial cancer
  • Chronic and acute respiratory failure (emergency care and intensive care, city-hospital respiratory rehabilitation ion network structure), non-invasive ventilation management
  • Management of the HTAP (pulmonary hypertension)
  • Asthma and respiratory allergo-immunology
  • Pulmonary bronchial infectiology and tuberculosis
  • Pleural illnesses
  • Occupational illnesses (exposure to asbestos)

Technical platform:

  • External consultations on the 3rd floor
  • Respiratory function explorations, capillary and arterial gases, allergology
  • Physiology unit, walking tests, stress exercise tests on the 2nd floor on the cardiology technical platform
  • Interventional bronchial endoscopy and autofluorescence, endoscopy ultrasound (an emergency standby is provided 24 hours a day: contact the hospital ward)
  • Ambulatory polygraphs and polysomnography: the unit is placed under the responsibility of Dr D'AMORE; in grouped internal sleep exploration structure.

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