Sector G02


Sector G02

Hôpital Sainte Musse

Lead Consultant: Dr Daniel RAUCOULES

 Medical Staff

  • Dr COURCELLES Jean-Paul
  • Head of Department
  • Dr ROSSI Camille
  • Dr PAUVAREL Dominique
  • CMP

Hospital inpatient Unit

The hospital inpatient unit includes an open ward of 25 beds.

Visiting hours: 2pm to 6pm

For patients under contract treated for addictive behaviours, these visits are organised on medical prescription. 



Sector G02  – Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care, ECT


Appointment booking:

 04 94 22 77 20

Location: Medical Psychological Outpatient Centre (CMP in French)


Full-time hospital practitioners:

  • Dr Jean-Paul COURCELLES

Analytical and corporal psychotherapy

Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon; Tuesday morning and Thursday all day.

  • Dr Dominique PAUVAREL

Consultations at the CMP of the 107 rue Revel - Toulon : Wednesday morning, Friday all day.

Consultations Hôpital Sainte Musse: Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

  • Dr Camille ROSSI

Analytical and corporal psychotherapy

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.


Associate attached practitioner:

  • Dr Ashraf AMIN

Addictive behaviours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, Tuesday afternoon.


Social workers:

  • Mrs. Cyrielle CLOMAN – CMP
  • Mrs. Mélisa LEVY – Hospital inpatient unit and CMP

Hospital practitioners also consulting at the CMP 83G02:

  • Dr Daniel RAUCOULES - head of the closed wards department (music therapies and family therapies)

Wednesday afternoon for family therapies.

  • Dr Bénédicte BASTIEN-FLAMAIN

Behavioural and cognitive therapies: Monday and Thursday morning

  • Dr Philippe FONFREDE

Friday afternoon

  • Dr Nathalie KEANEY

Monday and Thursday afternoon

  • Dr Chrystel SCHEIBEL

Tuesday afternoon


The Sector 83G02 is in charge, within the scope of public psychiatry, of the 4th, 5th and 6th cantons of the city of Toulon. 

Medical Activity

The sector receives general psychiatric patients (neurosis, psychosis, severe personality disorders, acute psychological reaction disorders). The various structures of the sector are intended to offer these patients the most adapted and personalised care according to their evolution. This is only possible through the creation of specialised therapeutic teams "which in fact represent our technical platform".

The general orientation of the service is a medicalised psychiatric care (pharmacotherapy) and psychotherapeutic (speech, expression, relaxation, theatre groups).It finds its founding principles in the acquired knowledge of institutional psychotherapy. Institutional work supervision is organised.

Alternative structures to the inpatient hospital are grouped under the acronym UISAR, Unité Intersectorielle d' Adaptation et de Réhabilitation. (Intersectoral adaptation and rehabilitation unit)

The day care hospital and the C.A.T.T.P - Centre d'Accueil Thérapeutique à Temps Partiel (part-time therapeutic reception centre) receive patients in the area after consultation with the relevant practitioner.

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