Visceral Surgery



Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital de La Seyne sur Mer

Lead Consultant: Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI

 Medical Staff

  • Dr VITRY Jean-Michel
  • Dr DINESCU Georgina
  • Dr MAUCHIEN Charles
  • Dr MAZZA Davide
  • Head of Department


The department consists of a 26-bed unit for inpatient hospital short stay, divided into 10 rooms with 1 bed and 9 rooms with 2 beds.

It meets the standards of hygiene and comfort for patients: bathroom and TV in each room, air conditioning for some, 2 toilets and showers for the disabled patients, waiting room for families.

Surgical Activity

  • Common: appendicectomy, hernia or vent cure, biliary tract surgery.
  • Functional: gastroesophageal, perineal, obesity.
  • Heavy: gastroesophageal, colorectal, hepato-biliary and pancreatic; the patient benefits from the exploratory technical platform (CT scan, MRI)
  • Carcinological with global management of the patient who benefits, on the same site, from the presence of the oncology and oncogenetics department.
  • Ambulatory: treatment in an ambulatory surgery unit for any operation requiring no more than 12 hours of inpatient stay authorising discharge under satisfactory safety and pain management conditions. 

The coelioscopic approach is an integral part of the surgical activity and is used whenever possible in its validated indications.

Medical Staff

(Open to private practitioners)

Scheduled meetings:

Oncology, CPR

  • Day: Friday
  • Time: 2:45pm to 3:15pm
  • Location: salle de réunion de concertation pluridisciplinaire - Bât. Administratif, salle RCP - Multidisciplinary consultation meeting room - Administrative Building, CPR room
  • 04 94 14 57 70 for visceral surgery appointments and 
    04 94 14 57 66 for onco-gynaecology

Visceral Surgery Staff

  • Day: Thursday morning
  • Time: 10am to 12pm
  • Location: Meeting room in the department

Obesity CPR

  • Day: 1rst Wednesday of the month
  • Location: Endocrinology Department Meeting Room, Level 2





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