3C West Var


3C West Var

Hôpital Clemenceau La Garde

Lead Consultant: Dr Dominique ANDREOTTI

 Medical Staff

    • Dr WENDLING Jean-Louis 
    • Coordinator practitioner
      Cancer Coordinator Centre (3C West Var)
    • Mrs. CRUCHÉ Maéva
    • Qualitician
    • Mrs. BOUJLIFA-JUAN Soaad
    • Secretary


    The Cancer Plan 1 (measure 32) led to the establishment of Cancer Coordination Centres (3C Cancer Coordination Centre).

    The 3C is the operational quality cell in oncology for authorised establishments.

    It coordinates several healthcare facilities.

    It does not manage directly patients but must allow the improvement of the quality care and support of patients. 

    It must insure the proper implementation of recommendations and quality measures (such as the CPR, the Announcement Plan, etc.). Thus, it participates in the continuous improvement of practices and harmonisation between professionals and facilities. 

    The Regional Cancer Network "Oncopaca" ensures the organisation of the 3C and promotes the emergence of a common action plan. The RCN coordinates the 19 Cancer Coordination Centres (3C) in the PACA-Corsica region and in Monaco.

    The main missions are:

    • Personnalisation of approved health care pathways and application of Cancer Plan measures:
    • - Implementation and monitoring of mandatory measures, guaranteeing quality care and personalised and secure individual care: organisation and harmonisation of the RCP - Réunion de Concertation Pluridisciplinaire (multidisciplinary consultation meeting), the Announcement Plan, the PPS - Plan Personnalisé de soins (personalised care plan), etc.
    • Continous improvement in the quality of practices and care:
      - Information for healthcare professionals, availability of the latest existing reference systems and protocols.
      - Implementation and follow-up of "audits" in order to evaluate professional practices within the framework of the continuous improvement of authorised establishments (RCP audit, PPS audit, Announcemet Plan audit, etc).
    • Ligibility and traceability of activities:
      - Providing professionals and users with ligibility on the local care offer.
      - Participating with the RCN in the enhancement of the regional activity through the presentation of activity tables at the National Cancer Institute and the dissemination of activity reports to professionals and users.

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