Radiology - Hôpital Sainte Musse


Medical Imaging

Lead Consultant: Dr Jean-Philippe BOUTIN

 Medical Staff

    • Dr AL BADRI Abdul Nafeh
    • Dr KUBASCH Michaël
    • Dr MELQUIOND Hervé
    • Dr MERABET Saad
    • Dr MOLDOVAN Méda
    • Dr NOVERT Olivier
    • Paediatric Nephrology
    • Dr PODILA Claudia
    • Dr PUMO Jean-François
    • Dr RUSU Laura
    • Dr VELE Véronica


    Radiology Sainte Musse– Consultations, inpatient and outpatient care

    • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm 
      Appointment booking:
      04 94 14 50 65
      Fax: 04 94 14 50 66

    Drs. Aveillan, Kubasch, Novert et Rusu can conduct private sector consultations, Contact the reception desk.


    • Conventional radiology
      • 3 emergency rooms equipped with flat sensor
      • 2 remote-controlled rooms, one with digitisation and the other with a dental panoramic

    • General ultrasound unit
    • Senology unit with breast ultrasound, sterotactic location and micro/macro biopsy.
    • Arteriography and interventional activity unit for digestive and cancerous bone (opened on April 2012)
    • Section imagint unit with 2 latest generations CT scans, including one dedicated to emergencies and MRI (1,5 Tesla)
    • Bone densitometry unit and body composition measurement.


    • General adult and paediatric radiology.
    • Conventional and interventional vascular radiology (dilatations, embolisations)
    • Conventional and interventional mammary radiology (punctures under ultrasound or stereotactic registration, pre-operative registration, etc.).
    • Approved centre for breast cancer screening.
    • Interventional radiology (infiltrations, punctures, biopsies).
    • Study of bone density and measurement of body composition.
    • General and doppler ultrasound, neonatal, paediatric, adult, puncture, endocavitary ultrasound.
    • Spiral CT scan allowing studies in 2D, 3D, non-invasive vascular explorations, Dentascanner, interventional sector (punctures and drainage).
    • Scanner: cardiac explorations.
    • MRI adults and children, Angio-MRI, Mammo-MRI.
    • Breast illnesses consultations where the clinical examination and all the paraclinical exploration of the breast are performed.
    • Drs. AVEILLAN, KUBASCH, NOVERT et RUSU can conduct private sector consultations
      - Contact the reception desk.

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